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June 11, 2009

SELOC Does The Surrey Heath Show 2009

Tony Vincent (Flying Banana)

After very successful participation in last year's Frimley Green Carnival, SELOC were asked if we could provide a few cars to take part in the Surrey Heath Show. The show was to be held at Frimley Lodge Park on the 2nd May 2009, and SELOCs involvement was as part of the "Classic Car Show"? element of the event.
Once again, I drew the short straw and inherited cat herding duties in the run up to and during the event.

A lot of paperwork, car problems, polishing and last minute changes were overcome and a total of 16 Lotii of varying vintages made it to the show, coming from as far afield as Kent, the south coast and East London to take part.

Elan and EspritAs well as a good showing of Elise/Exige variants, we were fortunate to have a 1960's Elan, a V8 Esprit, an Excel and a Lotus Carlton take part. As an added bonus, we ran the balloon challenge competition again (thanks to Simon Mercer - GingerS1 - for the loan of his car for this) and raised just over £100 for the Surrey Heath Mayor's Charity. This fund provides charitable donations to smaller local causes, and the money raised by SELOC was as unexpected as it was welcome - we even got a mention over the P.A. system on the day. The winner of the competition was Roy Bewley - a 65 year old activity day newbie who I've spoken with and who assures me that he's really looking forward to joining me on the 31st July SELOC Activity day at North Weald - which was the balloon challenge prize again.

Over 8000 visitors to the show had a chance to "oooh and ahhh" at the very colourful and eyecatching array of Lotii on show, and there were certainly lots of happy faces on the folks who spent the day clambering in and out of my car, the Flying Banana.

Many thanks (in no particular order) to:

Pinkie, GingerS1, Tommo7, Type 104, Sweetcheeks, Batty, Woody72, Cockneydevil, Brody, Maydharm, Silent Hill, Duncan J, Ozzy_UK, Bruce Crowthorne and Chrissmith2097

For primping, preening and polishing their p&j's and giving up a Saturday for a good cause.

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