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September 13, 2008

The Skittles meet is back!

Simon Mercer (Ginger S1)

The Frog and Wicket, Eversley Cross

After chatting to some of the local members it was decided that a weekend meet would be a good idea! With people working in the city, or having family and children finding the time in the evenings was difficult, So the question was asked... If a suitable pub could be found that would welcome the club and accommodate our needs, would people be interested in a Saturday afternoon meet? The answer was clear and after some discussion with the region liaisons it was decided that the old 'Skittles' meet would be resurrected.... As an event aimed at bringing Surrey, Hampshire and the BerBucks mobs together....

The Frog and Wicket at Eversley Cross proved to be a perfect location, with the Skittles hall, Good menu, and friendly staff all adding to the package, The owner, Mark, was more than happy to have us and even threw in a bottle of wine for the best presented car!

So despite the weekend starting with the usual horrendous weather, 16 loti of various colors and models descended on the pub! Including a stunning classic elan in sprint colors! New and old faces alike turned up for the usual chit chat, food and drink with children in tow, and the combination of a few minutes of sunshine and the front of the pub being closed off for our private parking brought some admiring glances from the locals. All in all it turned out to be a great success which will now become a regular event, with Alex Hill taking home a bottle of wine for his immaculate Exige and everyone leaving having had a great time!

Until next month......

Posted by Azlan at 04:14 PM